About Us

We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in information technology and financial services:
  • Business strategy and marketing
  • Trading of financial products and setting up of financial trading systems
  • Financial information and data connection
  • Website and mobile apps development
  • Education programme design and development
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Mobile authentication and hybrid messaging solution
  • Our Services

    We provide customized solutions to our clients in business strategy and operation, technology and compliance. Our clients including financial institutions, banks, securities house, asset management house and Exchange. In June 2016, we introduced our new product 2FA solution with CM Telecom, a 17-year-old European company which specialised in mobile technology.

    We understand your need of constant access to high quality news, data and analytics to make investment decisions and run your business, your need of a reliable and user-friendly system platform to execute trades and transactions, and your need of a financial expert to support you, your staff, and/or your clients to master the investment and trading of the growing sophisticated financial products. We are here to Help. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise to provide you high quality financial and technology products and services.

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